Join Dr. Ryan as he reflects on the recent launch of Charting Mastery, how to reinterpret results, and continue moving forward!

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During this episode you will learn about;

[0:00] Welcome to the show.

[1:42] The importance of knowing your “why” .

[5:38] What would be a more attractive lead-magnet?

[7:01] How to have awareness so that you can have that awareness. Where am I? Where is what I’ve been? How is that showing

[10:03] We try to avoid pain to seek pleasure and to do it in an efficient manner.

[11:26] What are you facing today that you can choose to interpret?

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Whether you’ve been wanting to get your charting done faster, deal with burnout and stress in your work life, or something else, come join me. For a one on one coaching session, you can book a discovery call and find out more about whether we’d be a good fit to work together for next couple months. Book spot, the link in the show notes. Welcome to the MedEdWell podcast, empowering physicians to get work done at work, then be able to reflect and choose what is important for both their life and medical practice. I’m your host, Dr. Ryan Stegink. general pediatrician, life coach for physicians. Today, I have less than two hours to go. And my launch my launch of the chartingmastery program. I’ve had eight or nine, join me on the launch list. And while there has been decent engagement with opening emails and a few clicks with two hours to go, there is currently no one who has purchased those and all about what I choose to let that mean, when I did my webinar, I said no matter what happened tonight, no matter what happens tonight. Because I showed up and I delivered my content. My three pillars take position from chaos, to complete looting, importance of knowing your why fill your toolbox to find your flow. I showed up. And it was there was no one who joined me live out three signups for the webinar. And I chose to make that mean that I was a success. But I showed up, took care of my business. Now going into final day of the lunch, I showed up, I said my email next time, certainly, there’s some things that I could do differently, I probably wouldn’t have my lunch, going over the weekend, I’d make sure that I build in the time to be able to do Facebook Live for a couple of days. And to be able to have a q&a to be able to have opportunities for people to jump on a call. And yet, even now the thing about my launch my list is growing, add new people checking out myself. I will have opportunities to follow up with surveys. The why people did market research is valuable insight and intelligence into what my people are looking at. Maybe it’s one on one coaching. Maybe it was my coffee. My Messages maybe that for whatever reason. They weren’t ready by but I had enough engagements that I know that for at least some of them. This is a viable niche. So in that sense, this is a huge success. Because it proves to me that people have seen with charting it wouldn’t have stuck around to hear what I had to say. That wasn’t true. So proving that is a huge where I want to go with that. It’d be a question because I know that I have value to offer charting. However, based on my experience and how I see it Physician wellness being affected in the potential impact of life coaching on tradition wellness, I see this as being a springboard for broader intervention, broader offer, for at least a broader transformation that I offer the opportunity to coach and I enjoy the one on one named Joy, that personal connection to be able to dig into where people are asked. And so this may be an opportunity to refine my messaging to say, Come join me as your personal coach, this could be an amazing opportunity, seven. So no matter where this goes, I’m excited. I’m excited to see the insights that I’m able to glean how I’m able to dig into what my people want, what would be a more attractive lead magnet to be able to speak into their pain. And then be able to say, come join me, Come join me as I hold space for you to be able to generate a lot of your own answers and solutions, because I’m going to tell you one thing, I do not have all the answers, do not have all of your IDs. I want to be able to offer this service. So that you can have that awareness so that you can have that awareness and decide where am I? Where am I? Where is what I’ve been doing? How is that showing up for me? Now, if that resonated with me, what circumstances Am I in? What are the thoughts about those circumstances? To generate my feeling? Action Result? Is that where you want to be? I can’t tell you how much of life is just done on. We just kind of lived through things, not realizing that by thinking about it, we think about it in the right way offers opportunity to make a choice to decide is this in line with my priorities. Those things that are most important to me, to you to say, here I am. This is what I want to be. And as you do that, realize I’m not living in alignment. I’m not getting the rest of that. I’m not exercising. I’m not showing up as the spouse and partner that I want to be. And yet as I look at charting as I look at my clinical workflows I love my patients, I love being medicine. Sometimes there are multiple things need to be done. And previously, I would say this stress has been granted now I know that it’s my thoughts about these things that I have to do that are causing my distress. Though I would not admit to doing this. I pause my own. I caused my own pain. The lots of debt when I caused my own thing, and I want to be able to bring those things to awareness to be able How to make a change.

Because ultimately, as humans, we try to avoid pain, to seek pleasure and to do it in an efficient manner with the minimum amount of effort. So with your charting, with your workflows, with your approach to medicine, specifically with charting, I want to help physician John with their charting basket, by mastering these three pillars, so that finish that turning fast, so you can go home sooner and have more time to be more present. To have more margin are the things that matter most. It’s not rocket, and yet some of these thought patterns, the cycle that we get into these things that we do to avoid the discomfort of deliberate action. Allowing is feelings of discomfort. And being able to push into the intentional bottom, this is what I want to be about. This is what I want to get done. So that though that evil is finished, so that I’m able to grow, so that I’ve been able to move forward. As I think about this launch, about where I’ve been about where I’m going, even if no one signs up for this launch, am so thankful for every person who’s engaged, open email, quickly, who’s given me invaluable feedback. What I’m talking about where I need to go from here, I’m choosing to let whatever the results may be me that I wrote. So what are you facing today? This week? What are you facing that you can choose to interpret in a way to tell yourself story that allows you to grow. Thank you so much for joining me here on another episode of the MedEdWell podcast. I wasn’t planning to make this a podcast, just a little bit of reflection. And yet, this is an opportunity to share what’s really going on how I am taking my next step, while encouraging you to take yours. Each of us has a role to play in how we change the culture of medicine, for ourselves, for our patients, for those that matter to us. Thank you so much for joining me. Thanks for all you do. Have a great day. And now for our important disclaimer. Dr. Ryan Stegink is a practicing general pediatrician. But the MedEdWell podcast does not reflect the views, opinions or beliefs of its employer nor is affiliated University. Additionally, the MedEdWell podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered advice regarding financial, legal student loan, medical or any other specific topic. In such a case, you should seek consultation with a certified professional in that particular area. Again, thanks for joining us on the MedEdWell podcast. Have a great day.