Refocusing on Well-being for All in Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the “Well-being in Medicine Podcast,” where we empower physicians and all medical professionals to excel and maintain wellness in their personal and professional lives. I’m your host, Dr. Ryan Stegink, a pediatrician and life coach dedicated to helping you reclaim your agency, optimize your charting processes, and adopt a growth mindset.

The Evolution of Our Journey: From MedEdWell to Well-being in Medicine

Over two years ago, I embarked on this enlightening journey with the MedEdWell Podcast, focusing on the intersection of education and wellness in the medical field. My experiences during this period have deepened my passion for supporting not just physicians but a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, and other clinical staff.

Advocacy for Systemic Change in Healthcare

Recently, I had the privilege of addressing my clinic system at an all-staff meeting titled “Recharge and Thrive.” This platform allowed me to advocate for systemic changes crucial for enhancing well-being in medicine. While individual wellness actions are important, they must be supported by a system that allows for proper patient care without undue pressure on healthcare providers.

A New Name, A Broader Focus

The podcast’s new name, “Well-being in Medicine,” reflects our broadened focus. We will continue to explore efficient charting techniques and how to complete work within work hours, allowing more time for what truly matters—family, personal well-being, and professional fulfillment.

Dealing with Life’s Challenges: Grief and Professional Growth

Life throws challenges at us, and how we respond shapes our professional and personal lives. For example, the personal grief my wife and I experienced through miscarriages taught me resilience and empathy, enhancing how I support my patients and their families during similar trials.

Expanding the Conversation: New Guests and Fresh Perspectives

Looking ahead, I plan to introduce new voices to the podcast, featuring discussions on relationships in medicine, leadership, and entrepreneurial ventures within healthcare. These conversations aim to inspire changes that improve well-being across the sector, whether through shifts in employment, starting new practices, or engaging in advocacy.

Personal Commitment to Health: My Half Marathon Journey

I am also taking personal steps to enhance my well-being by training for a half marathon. This commitment not only boosts my physical health but aligns with my professional advice on maintaining active and healthy lifestyles, despite the personal challenges of balancing life with young children.

Learning from Everyday Challenges: Practical Skills and Mental Resilience

From learning to wire an outlet to replacing light fixtures, tackling new skills has been part of my journey towards growth and resilience. These experiences underscore the importance of mindset in overcoming feelings of inadequacy and procrastination.

Join Me on This Journey: Charting Efficiency Checkup

I encourage you to join me in refining our professional practices by taking the “Charting Efficiency Checkup,” a quick, insightful quiz designed to enhance your charting skills and overall efficiency at work. This tool is part of our commitment to your well-being in the demanding field of medicine.

Conclusion: Reflect, Set Goals, and Move Forward

As we conclude today’s episode, I invite you to reflect on your achievements and challenges. Consider setting thoughtful goals for the coming year and celebrate each step you take towards realizing them. Your dedication makes a significant difference in the lives of many, and I am here to support your journey towards enhanced well-being in medicine.

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Thank you for tuning into the “Well-being in Medicine Podcast.” Remember, your efforts are invaluable, and you truly make a difference. Have a great day!