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Refocusing on Well-being for All in Medicine

You’re listening to the well being in medicine podcast, helping physicians and others in medicine thrive. More than simply supporting your wellness, you will be empowered to take back your agency and optimize your charting, mindset, and more. I’m your host, pediatrician in life coach, Dr. Ryan Stegink.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Passion

I started a little over two years ago with the MedEdWell podcast, talking about education, around wellness, in medicine. And as I’ve gone through this journey, I’ve realized a few things. I realized that I’m really passionate about helping physicians and others in medicine, because I don’t just work with other physicians. I work with amazing nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, medical assistants, and other clinical staff.

Advocacy for Well-being: Beyond the Individual

I recently had the opportunity to give a talk at my clinics, my clinic systems, all staff meeting, it was entirely entitled recharge and thrive. And it was really a great opportunity for me to see how talking about mindset about talking about well being, and about talking about how we take steps forward, individually and as a system advocating for ourselves, pushing the system to make changes when it’s not serving our well being because wellness is often the individual things, the things that you can do that I can do. And it’s still really important. And yet, if the system is set up in a way, that is really just pressuring you to go faster, not giving you the time that you need to take what you know to be good care of patients. That is hurting your wellbeing.

Renaming the Podcast: Well-being in Medicine

And so that’s why I’ve renamed the podcast, the well being and medicine podcast because this is about wellbeing in medicine, from a physician’s perspective. But for everyone. We’re going to talk about charting things still about how to get your work done at work so that you can get home sooner for what matters most to you. We’re also going to talk about mindset about how our thoughts dictate how we experience the world.

Navigating Hardships: Grief and Mindset

Because things may happen, hard things happen and yet what we let that mean how we choose to respond. When certain hard things happen. I want to feel sad. And I want to grieve and that is healthy. And yet if as I’ve shared about the story of miscarriages that my wife and I have been through I grieve and they’ve been some of the hardest times Most of my life. And yet, I’ve seen opportunities to help others, to help others because of what I’ve been through to help others with their grief, to be sensitive to the mother bringing in their newborn. And yet looking at their history, I can see that they’ve had a prior loss. These things matter, they matter for, for me, they matter for others outside of medicine, the manner for my patients, how mindset facts, and helps each of us show up in a way that’s authentic, in a way that’s taking care of ourselves, showing that self compassion rather than heaping blame and shame upon ourselves.

Expanding Conversations and Guests in the New Year

So I’ll be talking about charting, mindset and more, I’ll plan to have some guests on in the new year. I had guests on in the past, and I want to expand that talking about relationships in medicine, that affects your well being about leadership, about how different opportunities have been a springboard for others to say, this is how it’s been. But this is not how it has to be going forward. Whether that’s making change at your current employed physician, whether that’s making a change and seeking a different position, or starting a private practice, or direct primary care, direct specialty care practice, or a private practice that takes insurance, maybe it’s some other entrepreneurial pursuit, maybe it’s an opportunity to speak or to volunteer or to be in a board.

Committing to Personal Well-being: A Half Marathon Journey

I’ll be looking for guests in the next year. And if this is you and your story, and you have something to share about maybe a struggle that you had, with wellbeing in medicine, and how maybe a change their mindset, or something that’s changed in your situation, those things would be great stories to tell to amplify to encourage others with their well being in medicine. And so I’m bringing you this episode to let you know that you matter, to let you know that I’m looking to take the next step in my own wellbeing, promoting my well being by saying, I’m looking at my priorities, how do I help people? How do I show up and be there for my family, for myself, for my patients.

Personal Health Commitment: Running a Half Marathon

One thing that I’m personally committing to doing is to improving my physical health. I talk to my patients about nutrition and healthy habits being active. And yet, with two young children, I’ve often let that slide. I’ll say, Oh, I’m going to try and work out. And I do it for a couple of days. And then it lapses. And yet, I know that I’ve needed to make a change. And so recently, I signed up to run in May of next year, in 2024, just to run a half marathon. And so if you want to follow my journey, I’ll be posting about it on social media. I’m in the midst of my second week of training. And I’m excited to see how this makes a difference for me how I made a change. I got a plan. And I’m working that plan. Because if I look at just, oh, I’m going to run a half marathon, no, this is overwhelming. And part of why I end up procrastinating or giving up on projects too soon is because I see where it needs to be. And yet, I think well I couldn’t do that. And so this is my own opportunity to coach myself and to work through some of these mindset things, because I know that if I’m not taking care of my own health, those healthy habits, I won’t have that wellbeing, either. And it just helps me be more aligned with my own priorities of saying, family, faith, friends, my physical health, these things all matter.

Learning from Challenges: Wiring Outlets and Personal Growth

And so if I just focused on the charting, getting my stuff done, and saying, I’m just gonna push through and get this done, which, by the way, willpower and shame are not good motivators. These things are how I reinterpret my story of I can’t do this. No, I haven’t done this. But I can take that next step. About a year ago, I got a voltage tester, and a GFCI outlet tester because I knew that the outlets weren’t seeming to be wired in the right way. And so I learned, I asked questions, I got this tool for Christmas. And then here I am, a year later. And I’ve learned how to wire an outlet, wire switch, replace the ceiling fixture. With a new light fixture up. These things are all because I chose to take a step to take a step and grow.

Encouragement and Reflection: Wrapping Up

And so as we wrap up for today, I just want to encourage you as we transition from the MedEdWell podcast to the well being in medicine podcast, how can you take that next step in your well being one step could be that you take my charting efficiency checkup, it’s a two minute quiz, designed to help you learn where you’re at, and some resources that you could use to take your next step forward. And whether that’s with mindset, whether that’s with specific tools to help you finish your charting faster, because I know that I’m not the only one who struggled with this. I was burned out eight months out of residency because I was bringing my charting home and I know that others in my system, other physicians, nurse practitioners, pas and others in medicine, spend extra time after their shift charting, or stay late because it’s just piling up. And there are strategies and tools that you can use both physical and mental tools that you can use to help you get done faster.

Join the Journey: Charting Efficiency Checkup

And I’d love to share a little bit about those as you take this quiz and get some feedback. So the charting efficiency checkup, you can access it by going to the link in your podcast player or going to

Reflecting and Setting Goals

I want to thank you for joining me today on the well-being in medicine podcast. And I want to encourage you to consider as this year winds down and maybe you spend some time with family with friends, take some time and reflect, reflect on where you’ve been, what you can be thankful for, and how you are going to take your next step forward. In the coming weeks, we’re coming months in the coming year and set some big goals. But then find your first step and celebrate each of those steps towards those goals. Thank you so much for all that you do. You make a difference. Have a great day.

Charting Efficiency Checkup Invitation

Whether you feel like you’re struggling with your charting, just doing okay, or for the moment seem to have it all together. I want to invite you to take my two-minute free quiz, the charting efficiency checkup. It’s designed to help you learn more about where you are and give you some resources that can help you continue to move forward and support your own well-being in medicine. Head on over to to get your results today. That’s M Ed. Ed w e